MVP is focused on two things, valves and actuators. Our customers and partners appreciate our commitment to staying in our own lane.


Our highly-capable technicians install and service valves and actuators across the United States. Whether it’s inside your facility or at a field installation, we adhere to the highest standards in quality control and safety protocols, delivering real-time results intended to exceed your expectations. With a Leadership team that makes itself available for field checks as well, It’s no wonder we’re the fastest growing valve and actuator distributor in the business.


When routine wear and tear bring your project to a halt, MVP can quickly get you back in the game with our expert repair and reconditioning services. We’ll meticulously inspect your valve or actuator, spec repairs using only the highest quality materials and guarantee our workmanship to match any OEM valve or actuator.


This is where MVP brings it all together, offering our customers substantial value with a variety of expertly packaged bundles focused on driving costs down. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you, learning how you work and the products you prefer. This familiarity and deep knowledge allow us to source and fulfill the right valve, actuators, accessories and service offerings for your specific needs – every time.


We understand our customers often need more than an “out-of-the-box” solution. That’s why we offer customized modifications to any valve. Our valve modification services include:

  • Pipe pups
  • Stem extensions
  • Lube lines
  • Custom coatings
  • Coatings for buried service
  • Custom DTRs

FABRICATOR SERVICES | Fabricators Source™

Unlike some of our competition, we don’t build skids. But we do supply the critical components needed by fabricators that do. We have extensive experience in providing valves, actuators and PFF for a range of meter skid applications. We understand the pace at which your customers require you to work. We are structured to support that pace.


We get it. Prepping a bid request probably isn’t very high on your list of favorite things to do –but we’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll help you identify the proper valve and correct specs and also ensure your up to speed on current regulations and mandates. After all, who better to call when you’ve got a question than “the valve guys.”


This unique offering, exclusive to MVP, leverages our expertise to push content and thought leadership to your customers and partners. Our blog post templates, white papers, infographics and more can be customized to any audience.